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Welcome to, home to the Colton Archive of Our Time There. As the full title suggests, the information contained herein is limited in scope, from approximately 1982-1994. However, within that small span of time lives a rich, full history, and much of what makes this sleepy little town nestled in the Cascade Foothills so special to all whose lives it has touched.

How To Search

To search The Archive, simply direct your queries to the Search Box to the left.

You can also browse The Archive by category, as listed below. All entries in The Archive are categorized by Person, Place, Thing, or Event. There are two additional supercategories: Myth and Legend. Myth indicates an entry which the editors now believe may be apocryphal. Legend is an entry the editors deem to have special legendary status.

Or, for fun, just start your search by choosing a Random Page from the navigation bar to the left, or just click here.


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